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We’re Brand Builders… not product pushers.

Truth Tellers… not stuff sellers.

Story Discoverers… not magic makers.

Trusted Guides in this new & treacherous business & economic terrain.

We’re a Bright Spot in the lives of the people around us. Good Stuff Givers.



And disarmingly affable :)

We’re Explorers. Surprisers. Illuminators.

We’re comfortable in our own skin. And we help you discover and be comfortable in yours.

We’re Determined.


Knowers of the truth that relevance, simplicity, and humanity are what distinguish brands, and that brands are bigger than products or services. They’re about an understanding from the inside, out.

We’re Willing Participants in unleashing innovation & passion around dearly held values.

Inspiration Givers & Seekers to do great things and take chances.

Questioners: Who are you? What are you doing? Why are you doing it? What do you want to be? Who have you been? What are you about? What’s your main thing? Who are you talking to?

We’re Revealers. Connectors. Communicators. And we partner with people who expect nothing less.

Of us.

And of themselves.


RAREfied: Distinct. Uncommon. Exceptional. Raw.

Rodney Richardson, Principal

Rodney Richardson is the founder and creative director of RARE, purveyor of GRIT, and urban rehabilitator of The Bakery Building. From cutting his teeth on one of the world’s biggest, most dynamic brands – Nike, to mastering his craft while growing RARE, Rodney combines raw instincts with in-the-trenches experiences to illuminate the shadowy, often misguided, and misunderstood process of brand building. Not only do his creative energy, vision, and philosophy guide the daily work and culture of RARE, but they’ve helped prove time and again that great brands are built by discovering and connecting authentic truths, via sound strategies, with the people that matter.

RARE is an independent brand-building consultancy founded by Rodney in 1999, and provides a range of services, from brand auditing and assessment to brand development and expression to corporate training and speaking.

RedDirtGRIT is a leadership training and development platform, focussing on both brand and individual character attributes. GRIT services include corporate training and speaking.